Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 4. Little Scavenger...

CW: 262.8

Woke up and just couldn't do it. Couldn't get out of bed, couldn't work out, couldn't get ready for work.

Eventually, I pulled myself up. And brushed myself off. Long work hours + Atkins Induction + Half Marathon Training = Too much on my plate.

Horrible headache still.

Yesterday at work, I realized what a little scavenger us Atkinseers are. Is Atkinseer a word? :/

I was at work late and we couldn't leave because it was so busy. Normally, this isn't a problem. My employer supplies us with crazy amounts of food. But yesterday, I realized that it is mostly pizza, ice cream, pasta, M&Ms, etc...

All things that I cannot eat while on plan. So, I found myself scraping the pepperoni and cheese off of the pizza and eating some green peppers that i found in the drawers...

Interesting note, however, I was not even tempted to eat the pizza whole. It didn't even occur to me as it does with other diets where I think, well, I have to eat, this is all there is, might as well enjoy it.

I knew I had to find an alternative, and voila!

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