Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 23. - The Importance of Water

CW: 277.8 lbs

So, I have a huge aversion to water.

I don't like the way it tastes.
I don't like to drink it.
I do get very thirsty, constantly.

Even if I am beyond thirsty and my throat is dry as a dessert in the summer, I will still avoid water at almost all costs.

I will drink diet cokes... which dehydrate you as said in the last post.

Still, in an effort to make myself drink more water, I started looking up the benefits from an Atkins perspective.

Apparently, there are five main benefits as described by this man in this video.

Reasons to drink water:

1. Helps flush out the toxins in the body and assists the kidneys in removing ketones
2. You will be unable to metabolize fat or glycogen without the presence of water... if you are not fully hydrated, you will not be metabolizing fat
3. Helps avoid constipation
4. Limits and lessens the effect of induction flu, like nausea and weaknesses
5. Keeps you hydrated for exercise programs and keeps your energy up so you can exercise longer
6. Improves your skin appearance

Based upon my weight, I should be drinking about 140 ounces of water... that's crazy considering the only thing that counts as water is pure water. Not Crystal Light, not tea, not diet coke.

But he does recommend to just do it like a regular regimen. Just. Do. It. like exercise. It is non-negotiable. Drink it as quickly as possible, 32 ounces at a time.

Looks like I have a new goal...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 22. - You Need A Diet Coke.

CW: 277.4 lbs

Over the course of the past three weeks, a new catchphrase has been developed among my friends and now family.

This catchphrase is:

You need a diet coke.

This is a nice way of saying, "You are cranky."

It started off simply because in the beginning of this whole thing, I refused to give up my diet coke. I know that technically I am not supposed to drink it while on this journey but I figure that if that is the worst I do as far as a little cheat then that is perfectly acceptable. We sometimes have to alter the rules a bit to make it easier to give up everything else.

This may be hindering my weight loss a bit but it is completely worth it to me and here is why.

I gave up diet coke for about 48 hours about two weeks ago. I did it because I was not drinking my water and became extremely dehydrated. Every time I felt thirsty, I reached for a diet coke even though diet cokes dehydrate you even further.

My cravings for sweet things became much more substantial and I truly felt deprived. Because of this, I guess that I became snappy and grumpy with friends and family.

Then, my roommate said it. "C-----, you need a diet coke." I drank a diet coke and almost immediately felt better. So now, any time anybody is cranky or grumpy, we kindly reiterate our little catchphrase.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 20. - Friends don't let friends eat carbs.

For some reason, my roommate and I decided that today was the perfect day to look for New Year's Eve dresses...

Well, we decided this after going through the whole whatdoyouwanttodo? idon'tknow. what do you want to do?


we decided nashville was out, as was chattanooga, charleston, savannah, and atlanta...

so, we decided to be like good knoxvillians and to go out shopping for NYE.

Of course, we went to the mall and I never realized how many carb-filled goodies there are at the mall. My sister decided to join us on our shopping trip and the questions came flying.

Can we eat at the Cookie Factory? Cinnabon? Sbarro's? Auntie Anne's?

It was frustrating, considering that I am basically having to go through the rollercoaster of emotions that somebody in induction has to deal with for the first few days when getting adjusted to Atkins. This, of course, was due to the cough syrup debacle that I wrote about in my last entry.

So, what this basically boils down to is that my cravings are incredibly strong. And while these cravings will go away in another day or two, right now it is like hell on earth. I am literally arguing with myself all day long.

Anyway, the point. Yes, there is a point.

They decided to get a pretzel from Auntie Ann's while I grudgingly ate a pepperoni stick that I had brought along in case of a food emergency... and this definitely qualified.

Then, we go throughout our day, we shop, we find dresses, we eat dinner, we down diet coke, and we shop some more.

Finally, when all is said and done, my sister suggests donuts.

Now, I am already at my wit's end. I am cranky. I am tired. I am trying not to go to the nearest drive thru and order french fries and a strawberry milkshake.

So I tell them that I will be going home and they can go and get the donuts if they like.

My roommate asks me if it's okay if they are getting donuts, basically a form of a "Is this going to tempt you?" question.

I reply back snarkily, "It's your body, you can put whatever you want in it."

Not nice, but hey, it's a true statement.

Man, I am cranky today.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 19. - Cough Syrup

Here is what I have learned after downing a whole bottle of Dayquil AND a whole bottle of Nyquil over the past week... each dose has 24 grams of carbs.

24. grams. of. carbs. This is equivalent to the carb count in a donut. To put it quite bluntly, I have stalled my weight loss and even gained a pound by using cough syrup instead of the capsules.

Now, I know that everybody makes mistakes, but what a mistake to make. I mean, I haven't cheated once and now I find out that I could have had the mashed potatoes, the pecan pie, the eggnog...

It's over. It's done. Now time to attack it with a vengeance. I still have not had anything other than what is allowed on induction with Atkins... with the exception of one 4 ounce glass of white wine - carb count 2 grams. This is allowed in the OWL stage... which is what I am now in now.

Something that was good that came from this fiasco though is that I did notice that all of my cravings came back... and they came back hard. After the first few days on Atkins, you have no cravings. You look at something and you think... that looks good. But you don't crave it. You might miss it. But you don't crave it.

However, with this sudden influx of carbs into my diet, everything rushed back. It has been torture resisting chocolate, cookies, bread, corn.... But I know after my body sorts itself back out, I will go back to having no cravings...

just waiting it out.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 9 - Energy, Energy, Energy!

CW: 283.2

I feel like the Energizer Bunny! That is really the best way to put it.

I feel satisfied with the food, though I have been having carb-filled dreams. Last night I dreamt about eating crackers with soup, popcorn at the movies, and a panini.


Today I ate:

4 Eggs
Deli Turkey Slice
Shredded Cheddar Cheese
1 Ounce Cheddar Cheese block
Pepperoni Stick
3 Cups Broccoli/Cauliflower
12 oz Steak
2 string cheese snacks

Exercise: 45 Minutes Wii Fit

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 8 - Ketosis Confirmed, Weekly Summary

One week down, with a total loss in that one week of 6.8 pounds.

CW: 283.6 lbs

And, I have investigated the stinky urine... yes, I know... TMI, but I am trying to document this journey to the best of my ability.

It means that I am officially in ketosis, which is a good thing, finally in fat burning mode.

Today I ate:

4 Eggs
Shredded Cheese
6 ounces of Chicken
1 can of Tuna w/Mayo
3 Cups Romaine
Bacon Bits

Exercise: 30 Minutes Wii Fit

I need to eat more...

Week One Summary:

Acne flared up
Energy up after the first five days
Cravings greatly diminished
Appetite under control
Stinky Pee

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 7 - Energized!

CW: 284

Today I ate:

20 oz of NY Strip (spread out over the entire day)
4 Cups of Romaine w/cheese and Ranch
5 oz of Chicken
Diet Coke
40 oz of water


30 Minutes of Wii Fit


Energized and awake today - no headaches! no cravings!

Went to Texas Roadhouse and didn't even think about the rolls! Didn't even crave them! Amazing!

Another awesome thing about today is that I stopped eating when I was full!

That NEVER happens - I always fill myself up until I am miserable, so I am so flipping proud of myself!

AND this is the last day of the first week...

I know that I ate more salad than I was supposed to, but it was salad. And I am fine with it. In the book it says that you can add extra vegetables, it will just slow the weight loss down a bit.

To sum of the first week:


I should note at this point that my urine... is smelling a bit... rank... to say the least. I need to investigate this.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 6 - Awake!

CW: 284.2

Today I ate:

4 Eggs
16 oz of Chicken (approximately)
8 oz of NY Strip
3 Cups Romaine
Bacon Bits
2 cans of Diet Coke
2 Sprite Zeros
28 oz of Water


30 Minutes Wii Fit


Very awake! I added caffeine back in. I know that it is an addiction that I need to kick, but for now, I am keeping it in the mix.

I have no cravings!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 5 - Cranky

CW: 284.8

Today I ate:

4 Eggs
2 Pieces of American Cheese
1 Can of Tuna w/Mayo
2 Pieces of Romaine Lettuce
Salad with Romaine, Ground Beef, Ranch
8 Ounces of Chicken with Ranch
64 Ounces of Water
2 Cans Diet Sierra Mist


30 Minutes Wii Fit
Performance was not good today, really felt so tired. Just drained- just want to sleep.


I woke up feeling very weak and dizzy with my nose running. I felt tired and dizzy all day long - and cranky. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

Also, I woke up with a terrible leg cramp, calf muscles were super tight - even when I walked, the muscles felt really tight.

Today, it snowed and snowed and snowed... my roommate and I went out and walked in it a few times and it was beautiful!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 4 - Control

CW: 286

Went to Mimi's Cafe, resisted all temptation including the wonderful muffins.

It's like a little game, how much can I resist today??

Also, I woke up with no food cravings and no hunger! AMAZING!

Today I ate:

Bacon, Avocado, and Jack Cheese Omelette w/ Sour Cream
Salad w/Ranch
Mozzarella Cheese


35 Minutes on the Wii Fit

We went to see the Nutcracker and it reminded me of how in shape I used to be.

I used to be a dancer, and now look at me.

But, while I don't think I will ever be able to have that strength again, I can get close, and I will try my hardest.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 3 - Foggy

CW: 286.6 pounds

Today I ate:

4 Eggs
4 ounces of Cheese (maybe a bit more)
3 Pepperoni Sticks
1 Cup Celery with Cream Cheese
8 Ounces of Sirloin
2 Cups of Broccoli
32 ounces of Diet Coke
12 ounces of Diet Sprite
32 ounces of Water


40 Minutes on the Wii Fit

I did not want to work out at all today. But. I did it and that's all that matters.


In the morning, as soon as I woke up I felt dizzy and fatigued. That continued throughout the entire day. I was so tired all day.

I should not be feeling like this. I hope that tomorrow the fog lifts.

Non-Scale Victory:

Today we went to a Christmas themed event where all of the eggnog, cookies, hot chocolate, snow pops, and marshmallows were free. ... FREE.

I resisted all of the temptation! And eggnog is my favorite drink, by far.

And the truth is, I even felt fine. I brought my pepperoni sticks and ate them when I was hungry.

It didn't even occur to me to go off plan.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 2 - Tired, Insatiable

CW: 287.2

Today I ate:

4 Eggs
5 Slices of Bacon
2 Slices of American Cheese
1 Pepperoni Stick
5 Kraft Cheddar Snack Cheeses (no carbs per package)
3 slices deli turkey
4 ounces Ranch
1 Cucumber
2 Cups Romaine
2 Cans Diet Soda
1 20 ounce bottle of Diet Soda
32 Ounces of Water


30 Minutes on treadmill, 2.5-3.0-2.5
I didn't have to work as hard as I did on the elliptical - Still, I prefer the elliptical. It is easier on my back.


Tired and Insatiable - I want to eat and eat and eat... and I am so tired- feeling completely fatigued. Just want to sleep.

Non-Scale Victory:

Went to have a girls' night and I brought my own food to the house so I wouldn't cheat. Commitment!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Day 1 - Enthusiasm

Today, my roommate and I committed to a minimum of 21 days without cheating. This is not a lot of days in the grand scheme of things but for somebody who generally quits a diet after the first day... or even before the first day is over... this is a huge amount of time.

We decided on 21 because that is how long it supposedly takes to create a habit. However, upon researching this, that is only true for small habits like drinking 8 glasses of water a day or making the bed every day. For bigger habits, like this, it is said to occur around the 66th day.

Oh well, 21 is the challenge and it has been set.

Today I ate:

9 slices of bacon
4 eggs
2 slices of American Cheese
3 cups Romaine
8 ounces Grilled Chicken (Approximately)
2 ounces Ranch
40 ounces of Water
2 Cans of Diet Coke


35 Minutes on the Elliptical - Interval Training Level 3 to Level 7
10 Minutes on the Stationary Bike


Hungry, I need to make sure that I have more quickly accessible foods on hand.
But, I am not cranky and I currently have no cravings!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pre-Start: Breaking Point

I currently weigh 293.4 pounds. Huge. Enormous. Unacceptable. 40 pounds higher than my highest weight a year ago. Only 10 pounds away from 300!

I must lose this weight or decide on a faster way to kill myself.

Current Physical State:

- Ankles hurt
- Back hurts
- Difficult to walk for long periods of time
- Bloated stomach
- Swollen left foot/leg

I am only 25 and this should not be happening. I should be at my peak physical condition, and yet, I am not. I have let myself fall so far. And this has to end and it has to end now.

So, I am embarking on the Atkins' Diet.

This basically means that I can eat (without getting too detailed):

All Meat
All Fish
4 Ounces of Cheese
Oils (mainly Olive)
Sour Cream

I can drink diet drinks, but I must drink at least 64 ounces of water a day.

So... here goes something!