Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 8 - Ketosis Confirmed, Weekly Summary

One week down, with a total loss in that one week of 6.8 pounds.

CW: 283.6 lbs

And, I have investigated the stinky urine... yes, I know... TMI, but I am trying to document this journey to the best of my ability.

It means that I am officially in ketosis, which is a good thing, finally in fat burning mode.

Today I ate:

4 Eggs
Shredded Cheese
6 ounces of Chicken
1 can of Tuna w/Mayo
3 Cups Romaine
Bacon Bits

Exercise: 30 Minutes Wii Fit

I need to eat more...

Week One Summary:

Acne flared up
Energy up after the first five days
Cravings greatly diminished
Appetite under control
Stinky Pee

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