Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pre-Start: Breaking Point

I currently weigh 293.4 pounds. Huge. Enormous. Unacceptable. 40 pounds higher than my highest weight a year ago. Only 10 pounds away from 300!

I must lose this weight or decide on a faster way to kill myself.

Current Physical State:

- Ankles hurt
- Back hurts
- Difficult to walk for long periods of time
- Bloated stomach
- Swollen left foot/leg

I am only 25 and this should not be happening. I should be at my peak physical condition, and yet, I am not. I have let myself fall so far. And this has to end and it has to end now.

So, I am embarking on the Atkins' Diet.

This basically means that I can eat (without getting too detailed):

All Meat
All Fish
4 Ounces of Cheese
Oils (mainly Olive)
Sour Cream

I can drink diet drinks, but I must drink at least 64 ounces of water a day.

So... here goes something!

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