Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 22. - You Need A Diet Coke.

CW: 277.4 lbs

Over the course of the past three weeks, a new catchphrase has been developed among my friends and now family.

This catchphrase is:

You need a diet coke.

This is a nice way of saying, "You are cranky."

It started off simply because in the beginning of this whole thing, I refused to give up my diet coke. I know that technically I am not supposed to drink it while on this journey but I figure that if that is the worst I do as far as a little cheat then that is perfectly acceptable. We sometimes have to alter the rules a bit to make it easier to give up everything else.

This may be hindering my weight loss a bit but it is completely worth it to me and here is why.

I gave up diet coke for about 48 hours about two weeks ago. I did it because I was not drinking my water and became extremely dehydrated. Every time I felt thirsty, I reached for a diet coke even though diet cokes dehydrate you even further.

My cravings for sweet things became much more substantial and I truly felt deprived. Because of this, I guess that I became snappy and grumpy with friends and family.

Then, my roommate said it. "C-----, you need a diet coke." I drank a diet coke and almost immediately felt better. So now, any time anybody is cranky or grumpy, we kindly reiterate our little catchphrase.

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