Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 7 - Energized!

CW: 284

Today I ate:

20 oz of NY Strip (spread out over the entire day)
4 Cups of Romaine w/cheese and Ranch
5 oz of Chicken
Diet Coke
40 oz of water


30 Minutes of Wii Fit


Energized and awake today - no headaches! no cravings!

Went to Texas Roadhouse and didn't even think about the rolls! Didn't even crave them! Amazing!

Another awesome thing about today is that I stopped eating when I was full!

That NEVER happens - I always fill myself up until I am miserable, so I am so flipping proud of myself!

AND this is the last day of the first week...

I know that I ate more salad than I was supposed to, but it was salad. And I am fine with it. In the book it says that you can add extra vegetables, it will just slow the weight loss down a bit.

To sum of the first week:


I should note at this point that my urine... is smelling a bit... rank... to say the least. I need to investigate this.

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