Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 19. - Cough Syrup

Here is what I have learned after downing a whole bottle of Dayquil AND a whole bottle of Nyquil over the past week... each dose has 24 grams of carbs.

24. grams. of. carbs. This is equivalent to the carb count in a donut. To put it quite bluntly, I have stalled my weight loss and even gained a pound by using cough syrup instead of the capsules.

Now, I know that everybody makes mistakes, but what a mistake to make. I mean, I haven't cheated once and now I find out that I could have had the mashed potatoes, the pecan pie, the eggnog...

It's over. It's done. Now time to attack it with a vengeance. I still have not had anything other than what is allowed on induction with Atkins... with the exception of one 4 ounce glass of white wine - carb count 2 grams. This is allowed in the OWL stage... which is what I am now in now.

Something that was good that came from this fiasco though is that I did notice that all of my cravings came back... and they came back hard. After the first few days on Atkins, you have no cravings. You look at something and you think... that looks good. But you don't crave it. You might miss it. But you don't crave it.

However, with this sudden influx of carbs into my diet, everything rushed back. It has been torture resisting chocolate, cookies, bread, corn.... But I know after my body sorts itself back out, I will go back to having no cravings...

just waiting it out.

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