Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 206: (Day 12 Restart) I can do anything for a day...

As you may have noticed already, I changed the days back to the actual number of days it has been since I started this blog. After thinking about it, I feel like this is a continuous journey with ups and downs, struggles and backpedalling, and I want to document all of it. I do not want to consider this a new path. This is my Atkins journey and I feel like if I am not honest, even in simply naming the days, it cannot be trusted in its entirety.

So, officially, Restart: Day 12, Actual Journey Day: Day 206, this hit me hard knowing that I have only lost 32 pounds in 206 days, but then I must remind myself that I did take a hiatus for April, May, and most of June... And realize that that comes with consequences

Today has been a struggle. I weighed myself to find that I have gone up a pound. Not a huge deal except that I was already seriously wanting a cupcake. or a donut. or a bagel.

or any other forbidden item you can think of.

And then I thought, hmm, this could possibly be because Aunt Flo is coming to town in the next day or so, that makes complete sense.

So, as a precaution, I went out and bought sugar free chocolate. I am not eating it unless I absolutely cannot resist temptation, but simply knowing that there is the option is fantastic. For some reason, this helps me stay on plan tremendously.

But, the point. I did a raw food diet for 30 days, a 30 day challenge, and what kept me going was knowing that it was only 30 days and I thought... I can do anything for 30 days.

Well. That has become my motto for most things in this life. I can do anything for a day. And by goodness, I can stick to plan for a day even if it is a struggle to do so.

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