Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 55 - Meat Fast Results and Cheesecake

CW: 266.8

My meat only days are over. In fact, they only lasted about 4 days. This is for various reasons, but mainly because it is recommended not to stay on a meat only fast for too long because it will lead to constipation, irritability, huge grocery bills... etc. But, I do believe that I actually might start doing it for three days out of every week. 3/7 meat only. It is not as difficult as it seems and it does decrease your appetite.

For instance, even after going off of the meat only way of eating, for the next few days, I was still not all that hungry. One day all I ate was a three cup salad with ranch, a 10 ounce piece of salmon, and three eggs. This is a huge decrease from how much I was eating in the past.

It did bump my weight down quickly. I am now 266.8, which means I am averaging about a 10 pound loss per month. Healthy, no?

Obviously I would like to be losing faster, but I cannot complain about 10 pound monthly losses. In the past I have crashed the weight off and so it came off very quickly... The bad part about this was that I couldn't stick to the crash diets as a lifetime maintenance plan and so as fast as the weight came off, it came back on just as quickly... if not quicker.

Therefore, I am okay with this 10 pound loss. It is quite good. Still no cheating.

55 Days and going strong...

Oh! I also made Atkins Cheesecake!

My friends and family loved it! :)

Recipe can be found here:

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